About Us

Headed by Jane Maxwell Hulbert and James W. Hulbert, The Jane Group is a global crisis communication firm based in the Chicago area.  Our work is focused on schools - independent, international, charter, for-profit, Montessori and Waldorf.  After 20 years of working in the education space, we know schools.

We know that the realities of crisis management are constantly evolving. We help our clients understand the changing dynamics and give them the tools they need to navigate them.

The Jane Group offers access to a network of professionals with additional specific expertise. We have been working with schools since 1999 and have been on retainer to NAIS since 2001. As part of the arrangement with NAIS, member schools have the benefit of a half hour call, without charge, during which we will assess the school’s situation and together determine any next steps to take.

Our firm specializes in:

  • Crisis management and preparedness
  • Reputation management 
  • Board communications
  • Crisis communication training
  • General expertise in communications and legal communications
  • Governance
  • School culture issues

Everything we do is done with complete confidentiality.

The Jane Group is on the approved list for United Educators.