The Jane Group has worked with hundreds of independent schools over the last 20 years, handling every type of crisis imaginable. Following are testimonials from some of our valued clients.

For over a decade, NAIS's media relations and crisis consultant, Jane Hulbert, has been an invaluable resource to NAIS and to our member schools. No one in the world has had more experience helping leaders deal with the communications component of meltdowns and crises - and no one gives better training and advice. Jane's telephone number should be on everyone's speed dial.

Patrick F. Bassett, retired President, NAIS

For the past year and a half our school has been dealing with challenging and disturbing charges against its former headmaster. This came as a total surprise to the school. board, and administration. We found ourselves in need of not only top legal counsel but also experienced communications counsel. Throughout the process, Jane and Jim Hulbert have been the source of reason, wisdom, strategic thinking and encouragement. I have great respect for their individual and collective voices. At every turn, they have both been available on short notice. I can't imagine a better team to help a school through a crisis. I can also see great value in working with them before a crisis occurs. Their reputation is well earned.

Earl J. Ball, III, Board Chair, Tower Hill School, DE

Jane Hulbert is a tremendous resource to me in many different ways. Her review of our Crisis Plan was extremely helpful and caused us to make some important changes that served us well. Her advice on media relations was also to the point, practical and easy to implement. I would highly recommend to any Head of School that they spend a day with Jane being trained in working with the media as it was one of the most useful professional development experiences that I have ever had. Finally, I am grateful to Jane for being a calm, reassuring voice during crisis situations, helping me to think through some difficult issues. I highly recommend her to heads of all types of schools.

Dr. Alex Curtis, Head of School, Choate Rosemary Hall, CT

Jane Hulbert is a name every head of school absolutely must have on his or her contact list. Jane’s experience is deep and broad, and her expertise is exactly what is demanded when facing the uncertainties that are ever-present during a crisis. In 2008, Miss Porter’s School faced a difficult lawsuit and unrelenting press attention. Jane instantly provided real-time direction and created a plan for us for our internal and external communications. She explained the cycle for media responses in a way that imposed order and discipline to an otherwise chaotic time. Subsequently, she provided training and professional development that has improved our communications strategy overall. I am grateful to Jane for her immediate response to my needs in 2008 and guidance since then. She is a true professional and a real lifesaver!
Dr. Katherine G. Windsor, Head of School, Miss Porter’s School, CT

I have known Jane Hulbert as a crisis consultant to independent schools for close to ten years. She quickly became my “must-go-to” person both for crisis management presentations and to recommend to schools dealing with a difficult situation. There is no one better. In fact, just today I told one of my school heads that, although he had already spoken to a PR person, he needed to talk to Jane because “Jane knows schools” – she understands the complexities of a school community that make dealing with (or anticipating) a crisis very unique from any other entity.
Barbara Kraus-Blackney, Executive Director, Association of Delaware Valley (PA, NJ, & DE) Independent Schools

Jane and Jim Hulbert pair expertise that can only be gained by experience with an openness that comes from recognizing every school and every situation is unique. Even though they consult to numerous schools each month, their work with us is personal. No school wants to find itself in a crisis, but a crisis is also an opportunity to meet the challenge of living our school’s values in the most difficult of moments. Of the many roles we fill as head of school, you want to get those decisions right. When the stakes are high, timelines are short, and our community is depending on us, there are no partners I would rather work with to inform the clarity of our process and the quality of our decisions.
Ari M. Betof, Ed.D, Head of School, Boston University Academy, MA

Because of Jane Hulbert and her extraordinary insights and expertise as a communications consultant, our school has transformed our policies and procedures concerning communication with the media, all aspects of PR, and our training and understanding of how to respond to our constituencies and the larger public in times of crisis. We are prepared and thoughtful concerning ways we present topics and concerns to the public. As a result, our families feel secure and are always grateful for our thoroughness.
Dr. Patricia T. Hayot, Head of School, The Chapin School, NY

School heads need clear, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and objective coaches during times of crisis. Jane Hulbert is that coach. Indeed, she is the best professional you can find during the tough times. She knows what the problems are and how they come up; she knows the press and what they look for; she anticipates what the trustees need; she understands the desires and fears of parents; she knows what is right and helps your school find its way to it. She helps clear the air so that heads of school can concentrate on the important issues. When problems occur, call Jane. It will be the first best step you can take when troubles begin.

Michael K. Mulligan, Head of School, The Thacher School, CA

Jane Hulbert is brilliant, thoughtful and a deep resource for any Head of School. She has a full understanding of the subtleties and complexities that are present in any communications challenge. Because of her experience, she helps develop straightforward communication strategies (either in the moment or long term) that are culturally sensitive and market savvy. She will serve your school and its constituents well. The Jane Group strikes the right balance between the need for transparency with protecting the interest of the school: its students, families, and employees. I rest easier as Head because of her wise counsel.

James Busby, Head of School, The Buckley School, CA

If you have a crisis and need someone to guide you through the roiling turmoil, someone to ensure that you are communicating effectively and with an eye on the long-term sustainability of your organization, then The Jane Group is your answer. Dynamic, knowledgeable, and experienced, Jane Hulbert brings to her work a profound sensitivity to the needs of all stakeholders, balancing human needs within a legal, risk-management framework provided by her partner and husband, attorney Jim Hulbert. In their training sessions, Jane and Jim provide opportunities for you and the members of your team to learn best practices, to think about the unique qualities of your own community, and to role-play in a way that builds skills and confidence. I can say unreservedly that my school and I have benefited immeasurably from their sharp insights and wise counsel. Jane and Jim are world-class.

Kolia O'Connor, Head of School, Sewickley Academy, PA

We, as a school community, have dealt with multiple sensitive situations that if not handled correctly could have proven to be very disruptive to our community. Having The Jane Group on call mitigated significantly the negative effects on our community. From a Head's perspective, Jane is the person you need at the top of your speed dial because not handling crises correctly can have a devastating effect on your school and its community. She and her team are willing to help at all times of the day/night because they know that a crisis doesn't wait for a Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm slot.

Nathan L. Sheldon, Head of School, Casady School, OK