National & International Testimonials

Randall Dunn, Head of School, Rye Country Day School:

All school heads know that even though we enjoy what we do, the most tumultuous moments in our work can be unpredictable. It is in these moments when I am most thankful for the reliable expertise of The Jane Group. They have provided Latin with sound, tested advice that has served us well in a variety of situations. At our recent onsite tabletop training session, Jim and Jane guided us through an insightful exercise that allowed us to be confidently prepared for the moment we do not want to happen. I believe The Jane Group offers the most up-to-date thinking and practice when it comes to crisis management and preparation, and Latin has been fortunate to have them as a partner.

Patrick F. Bassett, retired President, NAIS:

For over a decade, NAIS's media relations and crisis consultant, Jane Hulbert, has been an invaluable resource   to NAIS and to our member schools. No one in the world has had more experience helping leaders deal with the communications component of meltdowns and crises, and no one gives better training and advice. Jane's telephone number should be on everyone's speed dial.


Jane Larsson,  Council of International Schools: 

Jim Hulbert was selected as a CIS Affiliated Consultant due to the strong expertise and guidance he provides to the CIS Membership Community, 1,300+ schools and universities globally. He is a core member of the CIS Child Protection Team leading workshops for international school educators around the world. Jim has deep experience advising diverse school communities as they manage allegations of abuse and navigate the complexities that international work brings. He has made a strong, positive impact on school leaders and boards, strengthening their ability to understand legal risks and to communicate effectively to prevent or manage a crisis. 

Dr. Alex Curtis, Head of School, Choate Rosemary Hall, CT:

Jane and Jim Hulbert are a tremendous resource to me in many different ways. Their review of our Crisis Communications Plan was extremely helpful and caused us to make some important changes that served us well. Their advice on media relations was also to the point, practical and easy to implement. I would highly recommend to any head of school that they spend a day with The Jane Group being trained in working with the media as it was one of the most useful professional development experiences that I have ever had. Finally, I am grateful to them for being a calm, reassuring voice during crisis situations, helping me to think through some difficult issues. I highly recommend them to heads of all types of schools. 

Dr. Glyn Cowlishaw, Head of School, Providence Day School, NC: 

A crisis or tragedy can happen at any moment. How you react at the onset will determine how your school successfully navigates the incident. The Jane Group has been invaluable to our school in helping us to be proactive and ready to respond to any potential crisis. Jane and Jim Hulbert are poised and skilled leaders in crises management. Every independent school should invest the time to get to know them in advance and in turn allow them the opportunity to learn about your school. Waiting until a crises hits your community will severely hinder your ability to address and handle the situation. 

Dr. Katherine G. Windsor, Head of School, Miss Porter’s School, CT: 

Jane Hulbert is a name every head of school absolutely must have on his or her contact list. Jane's experience is deep and broad, and her expertise is exactly what is demanded  when facing the uncertainties that are ever-present during a crisis. In 2008, Miss Porter's School faced a difficult lawsuit and unrelenting press attention. Jane instantly provided real-time direction and created a plan for us for our internal and external communications. She explained the cycle for media responses in a way that imposed order and discipline to an otherwise chaotic time. Subsequently, she provided training and professional development that has improved our communications strategy overall. I am grateful to Jane for her immediate response to my needs in 2008 and guidance since then. She is a true professional and a real lifesaver!

Harold Fleetham, Retired Head of School, Lincoln School, Nepal, Kathmandu:

I want to once again thank you both for your support, suggestions, and "being there" during stressful times in Kathmandu. You know what we went through, and with your help and continuing efforts we never blinked. Your insights were invaluable and always appreciated. In particular, our Nepali parents were thankful. A group from Lincoln attended your workshop in Dubai this year and came back to reaffirm that although difficult to say the least, we did the right thing a couple of years ago. The US Embassy said the same. It took a piece of my soul but with your help, our school muddled on through. You helped me (us) to gather and harvest the strength. No small task my friends. 

 Nathan L. Sheldon, Head of School, Casady School, OK:

Jane and Jim Hulbert pair expertise that can only be gained by experience with an openness that comes from recognizing every school and every situation is unique. Even though they consult to numerous schools each month, their work with us is personal. No school wants to find itself in a crisis, but a crisis is also an opportunity to meet the challenge of living our school's values in the most difficult of moments. Of the many roles we fill as head of school, you want to get those decisions right. When the stakes are high, timelines are short, and our community is depending on us, there are no partners I would rather work with to inform the clarity of our process and the quality of our decisions. 

Dr. Laura Konigsberg, Head of School, Turning Point School, CA:

We really enjoyed working with you and came away from our time with you feeling more confident about facing unpredictable circumstances. I hope that I don't have to be in touch with an SOS for crisis support, but it is such a comfort to know you are a resource for us.

Stuart Kent, High School Principal, Seoul Foreign School, South Korea:

Seoul Foreign School is thankful for the relationship it has established with both Jim and Jane from The Jane Group. From time to time, schools need well-thought-out advice and training that is from experts who are willing to listen, invest time and ask a lot of questions to better understand both the nature of the issues and also the relevance of the advice given. The personal approach, flexibility, and experience has led to positive consulting and training experiences for SFS. My experience with Jim Hulbert on-site at SFS has been excellent.

David Chojnacki, Executive Director, Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools, Greece:

If you want to help school administrators understand the critical importance of messaging and the basics of communicating with their various publics, Jane and Jim Hulbert are the people to contact. Their extensive experience and engaging style make them outstanding presenters.

Peter L. Pelosi, Ph.D., Head of School, Karachi American School, Pakistan:

Jim Hulbert was a lifesaver in a very sensitive and complicated series of events for our school. After I had attended their excellent crisis workshop, I put their names on file hoping I would never have to use their expertise. When I did need their advice, Jim's response was immediate, and his training was very thorough. He tended to details beyond the scope of the school's preparations. Jim came to Pakistan, provided workshops for board, parents, teachers, and staff. He served as our guide and mentor to lead us through a volatile and impossible time.


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