We specialize in crisis management and crisis communications with independent international schools around the globe. From embassy to single ownership, we understand the complexities of crisis management at the international school-level. 

The Jane Group offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Single session consultation
  • Ongoing consultation
  • On-site support
  • Crisis training communications for faculty, school leadership and board
  • In-depth presentations covering a wide range of issues including child protection, student-on-student assault, controversies related to governance matters, and more

Jane and Jim Hulbert are frequent presenters at NESA, EARCOS, ISS, ICMEC, and ECIS, and are affiliate members of CIS. We have also contributed services to the International Task Force on Child Protection.


We have experience in the following countries:

Brazil – Sao Paulo
China – Beijing
China - Guangzhou
China – Hong Kong
England – London   
France – Paris
Greece – Athens
India- Chennai
India – Mumbai
India – New Delhi
Indonesia – Jakarta
Japan – Tokyo
Kenya – Nairobi
Malaysia – Kota Kinabalu
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur     
Mexico – Mexico City
Nepal – Kathmandu
Netherlands – Amsterdam
Netherlands – The Hague
Netherlands – Leiden 

Pakistan – Karachi
Qatar – Doha
South Korea – Seoul
Spain – Bilboa
Thailand – Bangkok
Turkey – Istanbul
Vietnam – Ho Chi Ming City
United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates – Dubai
Ghana - Accra
Kenya - Gilgil
Kenya - Kijabe
Japan - Tsukuba
Japan - Yokohama
Namibia - Windhoek
Russia - Moscow 
South Africa - Johannesburg

Spain - Barcelona
Thailand - Bangkok
Vietnam - Hanoi
Uzbekistan - Tashkent



Contact us

Telephone: 630-325-2509


Don Hulbert, Office Mascot

Don Hulbert, Office Mascot