The Jane Group provides solutions across a wide range of independent school communications, including: media strategy, legal communications, audits, and board stewardship. We also offer workshops virtually and on-site.


Crisis & Sensitive Communications

The Jane Group provides crisis and sensitive communications consulting ranging from a single session to ongoing and on-site support. We are the only crisis communications firm on retainer to the National Association of Independent Schools. 

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Media Strategy

The Jane Group’s years of experience is essential to your school’s communications success. When a school is faced with a crisis that attracts media attention, The Jane Group provides you with media statements and prepares the school board and administration with the strategic tools to successfully engage with members of the media.

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Communication Audits

There is a world of school communication beyond crisis, and The Jane Group is here to help you craft your message and streamline all school communications so that your outreach has the maximum impact. A thorough, top-to-bottom examination of your messaging will increase engagement and attract enrollment while providing the school with a cohesive, workable communications strategy.

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Board Stewardship

The Jane Group advises school heads and board leadership on management best practices and liability assessment. We are your partner in creating consensus among stakeholders during and after moments of stress.

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Workshops & Training

No train, no gain! The Jane Group offers a variety of workshops which can be tailored in length and content to meet the needs of your school or organization. Our workshops provide boards, heads of school, leadership teams, and faculty and staff with tools, techniques, and training to prepare for an eventual crisis and to calmly and effectively handle a situation when it occurs. All of our workshops can be tailored to your unique needs and interests. 

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Legal Communications

The Jane Group specializes in understanding risk management at schools. Our deep knowledge in this area will ensure that your school navigates any challenges presented in a smart, safe way.

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Crisis Communications Roadmap

We help schools develop and implement effective crisis communications plans that illuminate vulnerabilities and provide actionable ways schools can work to confront them. Our plans include:

  • Best practices and protocols for handling a crisis
  • Identifying your crisis team and meeting plans
  • Preparation and first steps
  • Roles and responsibilities of faculty and staff
  • Sequencing of messaging
  • Specific guidelines for social media
  • Specific guidelines for sexual misconduct
  • Exemplar communications

Working with us allows your school to be fully prepared when a crisis comes calling.

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Don Hulbert, Office Mascot

Don Hulbert, Office Mascot